I'll never be able to move out, away from my parents. I feel a need to get away from them. But their defense if that as long as I'm in school I can't move out. When I sai that I take the school at 3,5 or 4 years, my mom lost it. "you're already a year after!" all I said was; "I didn't know there was an expiration date.."
With that said, I was of course now seen as childish and immature.
So I won't be moving out of the house before I'm 20-21 years. My sister was 19... But if I want to move, I have to make my own money and pay the rent myself. None of my siblings had to do that. But my parents know how to play the game. Since I can't speak fluently Finnish, and live in Finland, I won't get a job.
No Finnish= No job= No apartment...
I'm going crazy here...


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