Times change, I guess.

Seasons change and we're getting into autumn once again. But I don't mind since it's not too warm and not too cold. This is the moment I realize that time has actually changed during this whole school year. Last year I was winded up in a new school with new people, but now- everything is like before. The school is full of people I know, and some I find pretty repulsive. But some are dear. Some came back after the summer and some left for good. But how could I call myself a teenager if there wouldn't be any drama in my life. I'm 18 for God's sake, not a middleaged woman sitting in her appartment with 83 cats and only training her thumbs by changing the channel. That would be awful btw. But back to the subject: a teenagers peroblems. Since I've been single for about 72 hours now, I feel relieved but somehow... empty and awkward. I imagined that I would take the world by storm and find someone exciting and new the same day! But I winded up, once again by the computer and waist my time and energy at some lame serie. Don't get me wrong I love my show, but whenever I do watch it, I end up feeling more lonely and depressed. Is there someone out there who could lay the world before my feet and say "go on! I'll be right behind you" or does that only exsist in lame grandma movies- and my head?  911, anyone?


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Get weird or stay weird. Weird is awesome.

Den här bloggen är till för de som vill läsa om mitt liv. Alla mina tankar, känslor och upplevelser. Jag har bloggat i flera år och bytt blogg om och om igen, så nu har jag bestämt mig att stanna här ett tag! Enjoy P.S! Ta mig med en nypa salt.

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