I don't get it.

Okay so my parents are pissed at me once again for some kind of reason I do not understand. My mom suddenly started to pms, I didn't know she could still have it. But anyway, all of a sudden she started screaming at me that my room is "disgusting" and she won't tolerate it any longer. I who cleaned my room the other day, didn't understand what she was talking about. Usually if she thinks my room is starting to get messy, she'd just ask me to clean it, not shout at me. But today she did. So without arguing I started to clean the smallest "disgusting mess" I've ever seen. It took me 20 min and now my room is spotless. I thought her pms moment was over, buuuut it wasn't. Then she started nagging again about my school schedule. That she wants it in order so that she could wake me up every morning (she doesn't trust me that I can do it myself). But for the first time ever I wanted to be grown up and be able to wake up by myself, once in a while, I'm 18 after all. So I said "I dont like the thought that you know my whole school day. When I start, when I got free period, when I get from school, and so on. That's when she looses it. She insists in giving her the little piece of paper. Then I said "mom, I'm 18. I want to be able to take care about my own school" that's the part she calls me immature and unresponsible. So the next thing I know I'd that she goes upstairs and tells everything to the boss in the family (my dad). She over exaggerate like always and tells him how rude I was and how immature I am. So he comes down and gives me a lecture in how he don't give a damn if im 18 or not. Personally I don't care about my age either. Dad said that as long as I live in his house I should do exactly what he says, and expects nothing less. I'd love to move out any second but since my parents has forbidden me to work while studying, I wouldn't be able to pay rent. My sister is 27 years old and she's unemployed and has 2 dogs and lives in a huge apartment, but moms little girl should have everything in the world. So I guess I just love my family (rough sarcasm). I don't know how long I can stand it here anymore. I need to get out of this house ASAP. I already visit a psychologist because of all drama in this house. This is one of the small things that drives me mad...


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