More drama! Who doesn't like drama?
So it has been a week since I met X and I have no idea what I should do... Last time, things didn't go as planned, it never does... But I though he might had been a bit interested but, interested in what? He says that is not that kind of guy who only wants one thing (of course he says that). But I have gotten proof that he only takes interest when the moment is hot... I want someone to share moments with, and I'm pretty sure he's not the one. I still don't regret beoming single again, just saying. It feels like I have a second option, but I can't remember who that would be...? Not a good sign... Aah! Sometimes being a teenager make want to grow up.


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Get weird or stay weird. Weird is awesome.

Den här bloggen är till för de som vill läsa om mitt liv. Alla mina tankar, känslor och upplevelser. Jag har bloggat i flera år och bytt blogg om och om igen, så nu har jag bestämt mig att stanna här ett tag! Enjoy P.S! Ta mig med en nypa salt.

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